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Leyam Kewson, M.D.

Leyam Kewson, MD

Leyam Kewson, MD, is a board-certified emergency medicine physician with almost 17 years of clinical practice, in academic and community-based settings. She received her Doctorate of Medicine from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, and completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Detroit Receiving Hospital/Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.


Dr. Kewson specializes in advanced cardiac and trauma life support and, therefore, has equivalent experience in the use of appropriate medications for anesthesia, including Ketamine. She recognizes and believes in the potential that ketamine has shown, in numerous scientific studies, to help patients overcome various mental health conditions, and has joined forces with K-Well Health to assist with the medical evaluation and treatment of their patients.  


Leyam enjoys traveling, learning new languages, dancing, and spending time with loved ones.

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